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Through the Looking Glass: Sweet Beams and Windows that Gleam

In the past couple of months, the new East Moline Public Library building has seen a few new completions of the project. These include: replacing all of the exterior windows of the building and the installation and completion of steel work on the first floor and addition. The last couple of months have also brought exciting new photo updates of the inside of the new building, including the new adult nonfiction room!

An exterior view of the new windows that were installed. Photo Courtesy of the Concord Group.

A photo of some of the steel work installed and completed on the addition. Photo Courtesy of the Concord Group.

A view of the downstairs adult nonfiction room. Photo Courtesy of the Concord Group.

A photo view from the upstairs, looking down onto the first floor. Photo Courtesy of the Concord Group.

As of September 15, 2021, 52% of the project is complete!

A big thank you to HGA for design services, the Concord Group, Russell Construction, and all of our wonderful generous community members and donors who have made this project possible and continue to work so hard to see its completion.

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