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Local Impact

  • Our current building is 9,552 SF, the remodeled bank doubles this to 22,250 SF. 

  • New Community Room Available Outside of library hours and will have seating up to 125. 

  • Community Bathrooms will be available outside of the library hours for Special Events at Runner's Park. 

  • Increased access to Technology and Study Rooms will benefit all who live in the QC area that wishes to use them.

  • The New Library will be the cornerstone of the downtown East Moline renovations and revitalization, serving with the new TBK Bank Branch, Community Health and Runner's Park to provide an impetus for improvement in the rest of the downtown. 

  • This project is East Moline's single largest public service project in the past 60 years. 

  • It is the largest philanthropic investment ever in East Moline. We believe that pride in our community is the ultimate investment.

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