Frequently Asked Questions

How is East Moline Public Library going to pay for this?

The library has already committed $2.2 million and we are counting on philanthropy and/or government support for the remaining $3.4 million.

When are you going to start construction?

We hope to start building in 2020.

Why do we even need a library?

Our library is the center of our community with over 100,000 visits per year. It’s about access to information and bridging the digital divide; for employment; for training and basic technology needs; as well as providing community meeting space for collaboration and education. It is the single most used publicly funded organization in East Moline.

By the numbers

a. Total Project Cost $6.5 million b. Library Cash in Hand at the City of East Moline: $950,000 c. Library bond: $500,000 d. Private Donations held at The Moline Foundation: $1,352,000 e. Pledged Support from the City of East Moline: $350,000 f. State of Illinois Grant: $2,653,119 Total Raised: $ 5,805,119.00 Needed: $ 6,500,000.00 Gap/Philanthropy: $ 694,881.00

Where did you get $2.2 million?

Through careful stewardship of public and private funds.

What are you doing with the current library building?

In fact, we own 8 lots in the area. Our plan is to sell them, in coordination with the City, to create revenue for this project. We have no intention to leave the property vacant.

Why does it cost so much when they are giving you the building?

The building is sound but not engineered for a library nor is it ADA compliant. As well, we will need to build an addition to the building to ensure we have room for future needs.

If I give, where does my money go?

We have a fund at The Moline Foundation which is fully tax deductible. We can accept gifts of stock and real property.

How much space are you getting?

We will be roughly doubling our space from 10,000 GSF to 20,000 GSF. This is the first increase in library space in 60 years.

What will happen during construction?

The current site will serve the community until the new site opens.

How is the library currently funded?

The library receives 90% of its funding through local property tax. Currently that is 0.25% of the assessed value per year as approved by voters in the referendum of 1990.

Who does the library serve?

The East Moline Public Library serves the residents of the City of East Moline as well as the residents of Hampton Public Library District which allows us to serve over 23,000 residents of the Quad Cities.

How is the library governed?

By a 9-member board of citizens appointed by the Mayor of East Moline.

How old is the current building?

A fixture in our community since 1915, the East Moline Public Library has been in our current building for 85 years. The last major renovation was 60 years ago.

Who is the architect you are working with?

"HGA's library team of architects, engineers and designers are proud to have worked closely with the East Moline Public Library, Board and community over the past six years to redefine their library into a community destination. The transformation of the Triumph Bank building into an engaging and welcoming 21st century library for life-long learning, gathering and creativity will turn this notable building into an exciting asset for everyone,” said Jane Dedering, project designer with HGA. Innovative features of the new library include a digital patio which will expand exterior opportunities to events while a variety of flexible interior spaces and community and study rooms will provide areas for enhanced programs for patrons. In the months ahead, HGA will continue to collaborate with Library leadership to finalize the design of this vital downtown anchor and enable it to serve as the heart of East Moline for generations to come. HGA is an employee owned, full service architectural, engineering, planning and research firm nationally recognized for design and thought leadership that advances a client‘s mission and future growth.

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